A Summer Wedding with Sixty Guests

Annapolis, Maryland

First bites…

House Baked Challah and Challah Rolls

“Crudite” Cotto
No one really likes popping in their mouths raw broccoli florets and funny shaped little carrot items.
Much better to cook each vegetable the best way to bring out its individual character and serve them plain with house made lemon mayonnaise on the side. Hence “Crudite Cotto,” a platter of roasted bunch carrots, quartered peeled beets, cremini mushrooms and emerald blanched broccoli

Israeli Mejool Dates with Toasted Almonds
Sages say the “honey” from the Land of Milk and Honey was palm date nectar, not the harvest of bees. Indeed the Promised Land produces the sweetest, plumpest dates. For contrast we replace their pits with sea salt toasted almonds

Passed Hors d’oeuvres
House made warm chickpea chummus on house baked olive oil pita chips, briny pressed whitefish roe taramasalata with sliced cucumber on warmed soft pita wedges, charcoal grilled eggplant slices with strips of roasted pepper on challah toasts

Amuse Bouche:
A trio of light but deeply flavored soups served warm or cool…

Potage Crecy
Vividly colored and hauntingly smooth soup
of pureed sautéed organic bunch carrots and onions with powdered Jasmine rice, thinned in house made chicken stock
served warm, not hot, with freshly sliced chives, white pepper and house made challah croutons.

Roasted Tomato Coulis
Ripe heirloom tomatoes slow roasted with Olive Pier extra virgin olive oil minced with sweet roasted garlic cloves, dressed with a touch of balsamic vinegar

Puree of Roasted Yellow Peppers and Toasted Pine Nuts
A magical pairing of two unique flavors like nothing you’ve tasted before

Fish course (choose one)…

Grilled Tuna Potato Salad
A modern riff on classic Salad Nicoise. Mesquite seared loin tuna with sliced fingerling potatoes and emerald blanched snow peas dressed with Dijon and white wine olive oil vinaigrette and chives, surrounded with quartered ripe heirloom tomatoes and red leaf lettuce


Classic Salad Nicoise
Composed salad of Bibb lettuce with white wine vinaigrette surrounded by emerald blanched green beans, sliced heirloom potatoes, roasted sweet red peppers, Nicoise olives, perfectly hard boiled egg wedges, tuna in olive oil and a pair of anchovy fillets.


Salmon Couscous Volcano
Salad of hickory grilled fresh Atlantic salmon with Israeli couscous, lemon vinaigrette, scallions, cilantro, watercress and quartered ripe heirloom tomatoes. Recipe credit Leslie Beal Bloom


Hickory Grilled Salmon Salad
Our original salad of hickory grilled fresh Atlantic salmon with lime zest, capers, diced celery, spring onion and lime mayonnaise (add $4.50 per guest)


Mesquite Grilled Salmon under Emerald Blanched Rapini with Roasted Garlic
Mesquite grilled salmon cooked as each guest likes, plated under a canopy of pleasingly bitter broccoli raab tender blanched and dressed with Olive Pier extra virgin olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon and mild, slightly sweet roasted garlic cloves (add $6 per guest)


(for guests to pre-order; final count 7 days before event)

Charcoal Grilled Steak Frites
Flavorful local sourced beef ribsteak from renowned kosher butchers, Wasserman and Lemberger of Baltimore, charcoal grilled to each guest’s taste, topped with caramelized onions and served with our own fresh cut fries

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Breast Frites
Fresh local chicken from renowned kosher butchers, Wasserman and Lemberger of Baltimore, charcoal grilled, topped with caramelized onions and served with our own fresh cut fries

Charcoal Grilled Portobello Mushroom Frites
Meaty fresh Portobello mushroom caps not from renowned kosher butchers Wasserman and Lemberger of Baltimore, charcoal grilled, topped with caramelized onions and served with our own fresh cut fries

Free Thinking Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Not quite round, crispy around the edges and chewy in the middle, loaded with chocolate chunks, fearlessly browned beyond reason

Fresh Fruit Salad
A medley of market fresh local fruit

Custom House Baked Wedding Cake and/or Elegant Cupcakes
To be ordered and paid for directly from Leah and Amanda Prichep’s Chesapeake Baykers (not included in Congregation Kneseth Israel price)

All dishes served on house china with house silverware, cloth napkins and tablecloths. First bites served buffet style or passed as specified. Table service for soups, fish course, entrée, fruit salad.

Bartender service for two domestic bottled beer choices, Sam Adams Boston Lager, house red and white wine, juice and soft drinks.

Price includes auditorium and/or atrium and grounds rental, table and chairs setup, use of parking lot. Price does not include cost of wedding service, marriage license or k’tubah [Jewish marriage contract], Rabbi’s fee, flowers or other decorations, cake, tent or other outdoor equipment. Off-site catering priced on request.

$134 per guest, 50 guest minimum

If that’s too much, please inquire. We offer a range of wedding dinner options starting at $35 per person for buffet service of assorted salads with soft drinks, plastic plates and utensils, paper napkins and plastic tablecloths, as well as mid-priced and premium menus.