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Steve Lebowitz, Allot Catering’s chef and co-owner, grills fresh fish fillets in the snow on a charcoal grill and chops fresh herbs by the wheelbarrow load, while on the stovetop his onions caramelize their way to deep brown sweetness and cloves of garlic gently poach in Israeli olive oil. “If there’s a way to make food better, we’re doing it,” Steve says, “I learned to cook from a chef who made ketchup from scratch, and his ketchup was better.”

Since 2007 Lebowitz has run the in-house catering program for Annapolis’s Congregation Kneseth Israel, also providing hot lunches and banquet fare for Aleph Bet Jewish Day School, turning out a steady stream of New York Jewish classics and Israeli standbys. But just as often Steve serves regional Italian dishes, hearty French bistro dinners, and healthy, flavorful dishes inspired by “New Jerusalem” fusion. “That’s a lot of different cuisines,” Chef Steve says, “but they all share the Mediterranean alchemy of smoke, char, olive oil, sea salt, and lemon juice.”

For eight years he worked in a neighborhood Italian restaurant in New York for a chef from the Adriatic coastal city of Bari who taught him to mix up potato gnocchi without measuring, to fearlessly “burn” garlic, and to gently braise shanks of veal in house-made stock and tomato sauce. Today Steve Lebowitz brings his passion—and his alchemy—to Allot Catering. Serving the finest and freshest house-made fare without compromise for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, and special occasions throughout the Washington-Baltimore-Annapolis metropolitan area.

Phone: (410) 790-8383

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